Rio Hondo Art Gallery
October 15 - November 15, 2019
Artists: TBA

There is a tunnel going through our planet. A group of Finnish contemporary artists is taking us through this wormhole, seeking a way to the other side. On their path the excavation reveals new levels of habitation inside the earth - little similar to the idea of Dante Alighieri's Circles of Hell - revealing new layers of existence. Unlike in Dante’s work the exhibition theme doesn’t have a strict religious dogma or a scientific definition of a wormhole: these are just two narratives to the exhibition theme. Artists works challenge both religion and science from an artistic point of view.

W0RMH0LE is a group exhibition that includes Finnish artists working with installations, performance art, sculptures and paintings. Additionally the exhibition consists of a movie-like screening program of contemporary video art. Exhibition is curated by Ville Laaksonen of Art Incubator and sponsored by Arts Promotion Centre Finland. More information: www.art-incubator.com