Bring in the kitchen sink
11.5. – 27.5. 2016 Galerie Pleiku, Berlin

Co-ordinated By Henna Aho & Ville Laaksonen

Collaborating artists: Dylan Ray Arnold, Oceania Bruel, Mareike Hube, Saana Inari, Jussi Jääskeläinen, Manfred Kirchner & others

Empty space. Nothing but an empty fridge standing in the middle of the gallery. Some basic tools and artist materials are laying around. Camera is installed on the corner and set for a time-lapse of 21 days. Bring in the kitchen sink? Let’s make a Gesamtkunstwerk! Let’s listen to Richard Wagner!

Concept for the exhibition was an open platform for everyone to collaborate with. Anyone could just drop in when open or make an appointment – to perform, install, draw or paint, make a photoshoot, write a blog, whatever – but not to do it solo. If someone brought their own artwork we challenged it for a debate and also installed the work together.

This collaboration confronts the limitless possibilities of collaboration. So this is not exactly an exhibition – its more like and social experiment conducted by two, but completed by the many. All the artworks were created on site and in collaboration with invited and un-invited artists from the materials found laying around the space and surrounding area.