ENTROTOPIA 2.0 (2020)


Place: Jan Koniarek Gallery / 7.2. - 29.3.2020 
Artists: Laura Beloff / Teemu Korpela / Pia Männikko / Mari Mäkiö / Ville Mäkikoskela / Jukka Virkkunen 
Curators:  Dominika Chrzanová and Ville Laaksonen

This is the second exhibition of the Entrotopia, which is an international art exchange project created in cooperation with Slovak organization Publikum.sk, an association of Helsinki artists (HTS) and curators Ville Laaksonen and Dominika Chrzanová.
The main goal of the project is to present contemporary Slovak visual art to the Finnish audience and vice versa, Finnish visual art to visitors in Slovakia. It is about interconnecting nations, their cultures, searching for differences and common features or themes in thinking and perception of the world. 12 artists from both countries were selected to create a joint work of art.

The connecting theme is the so-called Entrotopia, a new reality that came about by combining several words: utopia, dystopia and entropy. Each term is something different and that's why it's so complicated to unite and respond to it. Each author works differently and uses different materials for one goal.

Supported using public funding by Fond na podporu umenia (Slovak arts council).
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