Curator: Ville Laaksonen & Qipo

Artists: Henna Aho / Sabine Boehl / Stefan Bressel / Jos Diegel / Thomas Draschan / Tomi Dufva / Artturi Elovirta / Kio Griffith / Ichiro Irie / Lucas Kazansky / Sandra Kranich / Malatsion / Sandra Mann / Manfred Peckl / Satoshi Saegusa / Tomoaki Shibata / Valentina Stanojev / Matti Vainio / Ville De Ville / Eva Weingärtner / Hendrik Zimmer

Kallio Kunsthalle is a pocket of art in the heart of Kallio, Helsinki. It is thoughts size of a museum in a space, smaller than an average gallery. In 2017 Kallio Kunsthalle has a experimental programme, which is organised by a group of 6 emerging curators from Finland and Russia. Programme includes 12 exhibitions and including international exchange collaborative exhibition/ productions.

In Supermarket our booth will be a collaboration with an international curator organisation QiPO, which works on 4 continents. Booth will have an international group presentation in a form of collaborations between Finnish and international artists curated by Ville Laaksonen, who works with both Kallio Kunsthalle and QiPO.

 Concept for the boot is that everything is displayed in a digitalised form. All the artists participating are NOT presenting their original works, but allowing curator to use their work as a material for the presentation, which is displayed in 3 forms. 1) Wallpapers designed by Ville De Ville. 2) Projection mapping by Artturi Elovirta on a platform created with 3 displays and 2 projectors linked into a 3) Further installations and by applying the material in various creative ways, including augmented reality and performance art.

 Something new, in an unexpected way. Still a nut In a nutshell.